Orders made with WooCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce and you would like to view the customized product, you can retrieve the customized product in the Order Details under WooCommerce.

Orders made via Shortcode

If the customers made an order via the Product Designer thats embedded via the Shortcodes, you can view the customized product under Fancy Product Designer  →  Orders. Just click on an Order list item under the Choose Order section to view it.

Export as PDF or image

In the Export panel you can export all views or single views of a Fancy Product as PDF or image. You can also choose between 3 different image formats: PNG, JPEG, SVG. When exporting as PDF, you can also define the width, height and DPI for the PDF. 

Please note that the font family of text elements when exporting as SVG is not embedded in the PDF, more information you can read here.

Single Elements

If you want to export a single element as image, you can easily select it in the "Manage Layers" dialog context or by just clicking on it in the product stage. After that you can easily export it in different image formats.