The designs module displays all Fancy Designs that you enabled for a Product Designer.

Create a category

  • First of all you need to create a category, just click on Fancy Design Categories.
  • Enter a category title
  • Optional: you can set a thumbnail for the category, which will be displayed in the Designs module
  • Optional: If you want to create multi-level categories, just select a Parent category

Add designs to category
  • Click on Fancy Product Designer/Fancy Designs
  • Select a category from the dropdown
  • Click Add Designs button and select the images you would like to use as designs, file types .jpg, .png, and .svg are allowed.
  • Optional: You can set custom category options that will be assigned to all designs in the category by clicking on Edit Category Options
  • Optional: You can even set custom options for every design individually by clicking on the Settings icon in a design item
    • For the format .svg the color picker can be enabled, by entering a 1 into the colors field.