Create production materials for a customized order

Modified on Fri, 18 Feb 2022 at 01:22 PM

So you have received an order from a customer. Depending on your product and production process, you will need the customization in a different format.

The first step would be to open the “Orders” tab in the fancy product designer app. Here you will see this screen:

With a click on “Order Items”, you can open all items in that order, with a click on the directory symbol, the app will open the details of that order:

The red rectangle shows the icons for editing the customization of the customer. It’s possible to manage the layers or edit the printing box if something is missing or doesn’t suit your needs. You can also see the customization in the preview.

By scrolling down, you get to see the Print-Ready-Export options, as well as the output details (measurements and used colors):

If you have booked the Professional or Premium Subscription, the Print-Ready-Export is available to you. With it, you can select either PNG, JPEG, PDF, or a zip file with the PDF + Font Files or with the PDF + Custom Images. Other features are:

  • Defining a printing area with boxes

  • Defining any size for the exported printing area (A1, A2... or a custom size in MM)

  • Embedded Fonts

  • Excluding layers from export

  • Exporting to JPEG or PNG in any DPI

For more information about how to set up your products for the Print-Ready-Export, please see also this article. Also, it would be possible to custom develop more functionality for you (at extra costs), i.e. as soon as you receive an order from a customer, the system automatically sends the customized product as a print-ready file to the Site Owner or it can also be sent automatically to the customer as soon as the order is paid.

In the basic export, the features are:

  • Rescaling the exported format

  • Excluding layers from export

Additionally, it’s possible to export a single element from the customization and by this separate the items of the customization:

You can choose the export format and also add extra padding to this element for the print.

By downloading the file(s), you make the files available on your computer to give them to the printer or make them available for whatever step comes next in your production process.

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