Create Pricing Rules

Modified on Mon, 27 Nov 2023 at 01:49 PM

To create Pricing Rules you need to install the Pricing Add-on. After activation you will find a new menu Pricing Rules in the Fancy Product Designer main menu.

Here you can set up own pricing rules.

  1. Click on "Add Pricing Rules Group" and add a name for the pricing rule.
  2. Select a Property, which defines the element property that will be used for the pricing rules.
  3. In the Target section you are able to select the elements in the views that will be used for the pricing rule. If you want to use all views, just leave the Views input empty, if you want to e.g. only the first view, enter 0 as value. In the elements dropdown you can limit the type of elements that will be used. You can even use a single element by entering the title of the element.
  4. Next you define the Match type.
    1. ANY: As soon as the first matching rule is executed, all following rules will be ignored.
    2. ALL: All matching rules will be used for price calculation.
  5. Under the Rules section you set the condition and if the condition becomes the price.

Available Pricing Rules

Explanation for price calculation
Text LengthThe number of text characters.
Text SizeThe font size of text element(s).
Lines LengthThe number of lines in text element(s).
Image Size (Origin Width & Height)
The origin size of image(s) - unscaled.
Image Size Scaled
The scaled size of image(s).
Amount of elementsThe number of element(s) inside the view(s).
Canvas Size
The size (mm or cm) of the canvas.
CoverageThe percentage coverage of all elements inside a printing box.
PatternThe price for a specific pattern.

Set Global Pricing Groups

Go to Settings in Fancy Product Designer main menu. Under the Addons tab you find a multi-select dropdown Pricing Groups to select the pricing groups that you want to use in all product designers.

Set Individual Pricing Groups (WordPress)

Go to the Individual Product Settings and under the Addons tab you find the same dropdown Pricing Groups to select pricing groups for specific product designers.

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