Action buttons as well as modules can be positioned freely on a product page through the use of shortcodes. An example for this can be seen in the business card demo. The first step in adding the desired shortcodes is to open the Shortcode Builder, which can be found in the products section of the plugin:

Click on the Shortcodes button to open the Shortcode Builder:

Via the dropdown menus on the right you can now select the different actions and modules, the corresponding shortcode will be generated and displayed on the left. For actions there are three different Layout options available icon, icon & text and text only:

For Modules CSS can be added to the wrapper by entering for example a height and width.

To integrate an action or module into a product page via the shortcode, you simply need to copy the generated shortcode and paste it in the appropriate position on your page.

To further customize the layout of a product page, for example to move the summary to the left of the designer, please take a look at: Customizing the layout of WooCommerce product pages