Choosing the right image format for product customization

Modified on Sat, 06 Apr 2024 at 09:54 PM

Our product designer supports SVG, PNG and JPEG images. Depending on the use case, we will explain when you should use which formats to create your customizable products.


The most optimal option in terms of size and maintainability is SVG with real paths. This format ensures a high-quality display on all screens and is particularly suitable when customers need to modify the color of a graphic element. Additionally, our designer solution has the capability to identify the quantity of paths and allows for individual coloring of each path. So that is the best image format for color customization.


PNG has the capability to facilitate color customization, albeit with certain limitations. The technical process involved in this procedure is distinct and therefore, the ability to color large images may be impeded by the "FabricJS Texture Size" that is adjustable in the settings. However, it is noteworthy that coloring large PNG images may result in poor browser performance. So only use this format for coloring if you can not use SVG as graphic element.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to colorize JPEG images due to their lack of support for transparency. Essentially, attempting to colorize a JPEG image would result in a solid colored rectangle. It is recommended to utilize this format for exhibiting both photographs and standard images.

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