Fancy Product Designer is storing all data (customizable products, categories etc.) in own tables in the MySQL database. All these tables are starting with the prefix fpd_.

fpd_categoriesFPD Product Categories
fpd_category_products_relThe linked products to a category.
fpd_ordersOrders made with shortcode. No WooCommerce orders!
fpd_productsFPD products
fpd_templatesFPD templates
fpd_viewsFPD product views


When an order is made with WooCommerce, the relevant order data of FPD is stored in a field with the key _fpd_data in the woocommerce_order_itemmeta table.

User Account

When you enable the option "Account Product Storage" for the Save action, the customized product will be saved in a field meta_key and starts with fpd_saved_product in the usermeta table.