Using Bounding Boxes to restrict elements

Modified on Mon, 22 Apr 2024 at 10:30 AM

Defining a bounding box

Bounding boxes can only be rectangular. There are 2 ways of defining a bounding box:

  1. Setting the x,y positions as well as width and height of a bounding box manually
  2. Using another image element as bounding box. For this you only need to set the title of an image element as bounding box value for another element.


You can set different bounding box modi:
  • Inside: The element needs to be inside the bounding box. If the element is out of the bounding box, an info tooltip appears.
  • Clipping: The element will be clipped into the bounding box.
  • Limit Modification: The element can only be modified inside the bounding box.
  • None: The bounding box is only showed without any limitations for the user.

Where can I set a Bounding Box?

  1. In the main Fancy Product Designer -> SettingsElement Properties. Here you can set a bounding box for the custom added images and texts for all Product Designers.
  2. In the Individual Product SettingsHere you can set a bounding box for the custom added images and texts for a single Product Designer.
  3. In Fancy Product Designer 


    Product Builder. Here you can set a bounding box for initial elements in your Fancy Products or upload for example a transparent png to use it as a bounding box for other elements.
  4. In 

    Fancy Product Designer 


    Fancy Designs. Here you can define a bounding box for your designs your customers can choose from.

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