With element parameters you control the behavior and properties of an element, e.g. if it can be dragged or the position on the stage. These can be set for a group of elements or for every element separately.

Where can I set these parameters?

1. Change the default parameters via the plugin call

The first level to change all default parameters are the plugin options. There you will find 4 options to change the common, text, custom image and custom text parametes:  

new FancyProductDesigner($('#fpd'), 
  elementParameters: {draggable: true},
  textParameters: {textSize: 16},
  customImagesParameters: {minW: 1000, minH: 2000},
  customTextParameters: {removable: true}


2. In the HTML markup  

<img src="URL_OF_THE_IMAGE.png" title="TITLE_FOR_IMAGE" data-parameters='{"x": 100, "y": 200, "colors": "#D5D5D5", "price": 20}' />


3. Using the API

Another possibility would be to add elements to the stage using the API, e.g. with the addElement() method.  

  var myProductDesigner = new FancyProductDesigner($('#fpd'));
  myProductDesigner.addElement('image', 'image_url.png', 'Image Title', {autoCenter: true, price: 20, draggable: true});