Setting up the modules

Modified on Mon, 19 Dec 2022 at 03:41 PM

You can easily add the modules you need to the product designer. The modules can be set via the plugin options.   

//will display in the order how you define the values in the array
var opts = {mainBarModules: ['products', 'designs', 'images', 'text']};
var fpd = new FancyProductDesigner($fpd, opts);

Available Modules 

Key  Explanation
productsThe products module shows all products categorized in a list view.
designsThe designs module displays the designs you set in the product designer in a list view.
imagesThe images module allows to add custom images. It includes a multiple image uploader, Facebook and Instagram photos.
textVia the text module the user can add custom text elements.
manage-layersList all editable layers.
layoutsList all layouts that you have created.
dynamic-viewsLet customers add and edit views. Plus add-on required!
names-numbersCustomers can enter multiple names or numbers. Plus add-on required!
drawingCustomers can draw with pencil and other shapes and place it as design. Plus add-on required!