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Important Notes

  • Stock availability  needs to be done manually. If you a receive an order item that is out of stock on Printful, you have to remove the connected variation for that item in your WooCommerce variable product. Our Printful integration does not run any process to check the availability status.

  • Only DTG printing is currently supported.

  • The imported variant price from Printful is the net price. You need to calculate taxes with WooCommerce in order to calculate the retail price with taxes.

  • The inside and outside label of apparel is not imported and can not be customized with FPD.

  • The maximum variation limit is 50 and is set through WooCommerce PHP constant. If you want to increase that value, you can find information in this article how to do that.

  • In order to calculate the shipping costs from Printful, you have to set up these in the Shipping Methods of WooCommerce. All shipping rates from Printful can be found here.

Create a Printful store & receive a API Token

The first step is to create a Printful store. Therefore go to Stores in your Printful account

Create a Store:


Now you have to create a token in the developers site of Printful, therefore go https://developers.printful.com/login. Log into with the same credentials that you are using in the Printful dashboard. In the next page click "Create a Token".

In next page Printul asked for several information. In the "Access Level" section select the store that you just created. In the "Scopes" section select the options as in this screenshot.

After clicking "create token", you will receive the token. Copy that token.

Manage Printful Settings in your WooCommerce store

Go to FPD Settings > Pro Export > Printful tab.

Paste the copied API Token into the "API Token" option. 

In "Sales Profit" option you can either enter a fixed value that will be added to the net price (e.g. 5) or a percentage value (e.g. 15%) - net price * 0.15 = your profit.

In the "Region" option you select the region where you want to sell the Printful products. Depending on the selected region the Printful product catalog will varies. Not all Printful product variants are available in every region.

Import a Printful Product to WooCommerce

To import a Printful product, you need to create a new product in WooCommerce. On the right-hand side click the "Import Printful Product" button.

After that a modal will appear and loads all available Printful products that you can import into your Store. Select your desired product and click on the "Load" button. Now all product details with the available variants for your selected region will be loaded. Depending on the region the amount of available variants might exceed the allowed variations limit in WooCommerce - default is 50. In order to import the Printful product, you have to decrease the amount of selected attributes until the total variants are below the WooCommerce limit.

When the amount of total variants is below or equal the WooCommerce variation limit, you are able to import the product.

When you click the "Import Product" button, all variants will be imported and product details will be imported into the WooCommerce product. This process can take a while, please do not refresh page. The page will reload as soon as all data is imported and the variations are created.

  • Product will be set as variable
  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Image as Featured Image
  • (Colors) and Sizes attributes are created
  •  Variations will be created from the Printful variants with the net price from Printful

Then click "Publish" and you are ready to sell the Printful product with the created variations into your WooCommerce store.

View order with a Printful product

As soon as an order is created with a Printful variation, our application will create an order in your Printful store and send all necessary print files for this order to Printful. In the WooCommerce order you will get a direct access link to the Printful order.

Review the order in Printful and confirm it.

Test order process

Before you are going live with your Printful products, you should test the order process. Therefore check if all print files are created properly and your Printful store will receive all necessary data from your WooCommerce store and Fancy Product Designer.

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