Adding a photo from Facebook or Instagram does not work

Be sure that the PHP function getimagesize() is enabled on your web server. This function is part of the GD library, which is required for the plugin. Please contact your server provider how to enable it. We can not do that for you.

The correct font type is not displaying when exporting a PDF with SVG

Right now you need to set the font type in your graphic tool (Illustratot etc.) manually when you export an order as PDF using SVG as image format. The HTML5 graphic library that is used for the Product Designer does not export the font family in the SVG.

Just inspect the selected font type in the Order Viewer and reset the font type in your graphic tool again.

Error with images when using different functions

If you are getting following error:

Error: Please be sure that the images are hosted under the same domain and protocol, in which you are using the product designer!

Solution 1 - Disable Photon in Jetpack
If the "Photon" option is enabled in Jetpack, it will add a sub-domain (e.g. to every image URL. You need to disable this option, otherwise it does not work.

Solution 2 - Reset Image Soruces
This means your images are not hosted under the same domain or protocol. Because of a security reason in your browser, it only works with images hosted under the same domain and protocol. You can reset the image sources under "Fancy Products" and "Fancy Designs" admin.