How to update


The best and easiest way to keep all of your plugins from the envato marketplace (codecanyon, themeforest) updated, is to use the official Envato Market WordPress plugin. Just download and install the plugin, connect your envato account and you can easily update all plugins and themes.


Via FTP tool: Just replace the fancy-product-designer folder.

Via WP admin: Deactivate the plugin and delete it. Then upload new zip and activate the plugin again.

In both cases you will not loose any of your created products and settings.


Additional information


Go to Settings - Fonts tab and save your fonts. You can also use TrueType fonts as custom fonts now, which is also recommend!


The way you set up patterns for text elements has changed. Please view revised solution.


  • If you are using color control for elements, you have to reset these via an own option field (Color Link Group)
  • If you were using bounding box clipping, you have to reset this option as the option name has changed. This option has even more values you can choose from
  • You need to reset the option for lightbox, if you want to display the product designer in the lightbox


For those users who could not convert the Fancy Products from an earlier version to 2.0.0, please do following steps.

If no Fancy Products are displaying under Fancy Products admin.

  1. Go to Fancy Products admin and run the updater

If random Fancy Products have been created, but not the correct Fancy Products

  1. You need a backup of your database table fpd_views before you upgraded to V2.0.0. If you do not have one, you have to create all Fancy Products from beginning. I am sorry for that. If you have one continue reading.
  2. Restore the fpd_views database table and delete all other tables that start with fpd_ if there are any.
  3. Go to Fancy Products admin and run the updater


Check out the settings, you may have to reset some options to your desired value.


You may have to reset some element parameters in the settings. If you are using individual product settings, please check them as well. Some keys have changed.


For those who updated to V1.0.22 and the settings were not saved correctly. In most cases the general settings disappeared when saving some other settings. Just go the general settings and set the general options manually after updating to 1.0.23.

View Changelog here.

Deleting all database tables to start from scratch

If you want to delete all database tables that are created by the plugin when deactivating the plugin, you need to uncomment one line of code.

  1. Open class-install.php in the inc folder of the plugin.
  2. Go to line 16, looks like that:
    //register_deactivation_hook( FPD_PLUGIN_ROOT_PHP, array( &$this,'deactive_plugin' ) );
  3. Remove the first two trailing slashes to uncomment the line, so it looks like this:
     register_deactivation_hook( FPD_PLUGIN_ROOT_PHP, array( &$this,'deactive_plugin' ) );
  4. Save the php file.
Now when you deactivate the plugin, all your created Fancy Products etc. will be deleted.