Understanding the different colorization methods

Modified on Mon, 08 Mar 2021 at 11:13 AM

Supported Image Formats

If you want to apply a color to an image, you can only do that with SVG or PNG images!

Color Picker

Entering only one hexadecimal color value, eg.: #000000, enables the color picker for the element, which allows the customer to pick any color they like: 

Color Palette

Enter multiple hexadecimal color values to enable a range of colors the customers can choose from:

On the front end it will look like this:

Color Link Group

You can link the color of elements across all views. Just enter an unique color link ID in the color link group. As soon as the color of one element in the group is changed, all elements in the same color link group will adopt the same color. Color links can only be used with text elements, PNG images and SVG images with a single path!