[PRO EXPORT] Storing the print-ready file in a cloud provider

Modified on Fri, 24 Jun 2022 at 02:12 PM

You are also able to store the print-ready file in a cloud like Dropbox or AWS S3, when an order is created.


Go the Dropbox App Console and create a new App.

In the next screen you can configurate the App.

After the App is created, you will be redirected in the App settings. 

Copy the app and secret key in paste in the relevant option fields in the "PRO Export" settings of Fancy Product Designer. Then enter your website URI in the "Redirect URIs" field in the Dropbox App settings. Create or save Dropbox app.

In the PRO Export settings click "Connect Dropbox".

Now if everything is set correctly, the connection process will start and you need to allow Dropbox API to connect to your personal Dropbox account. After that a access token is generated and stored in your database. 

App Permissions

Be sure that following permissions are enabled in the Permissions tab of the Dropbox App.


You can even store the print-ready files in a bucket of AWS S3. Therefore you need to create an user with access to your bucket in the IAM console. After that you need to copy the Access Token and Secret and paste it in the Automated Export settings.