Fonts are not always shown identically on screen and on printing formats. Some fonts do not offer italic or bold style, some cannot be embedded in PDF at all, and some other fonts show a different width or font-weight. To avoid issues in which a font might appear differently in the designer and the print-ready PDF we suggest to use one of our handpicked fonts. 

Find the Google fonts in here. If you would like to go more advanced and creative, choose one of our handpicked TTF fonts.

Other than with custom TTF fonts the listed Google fonts do not have to be installed on the server but must be activated in Fancy Product Designer → Settings → Fonts  → Google Webfonts.

Google fonts

Find a handpicked list of Google fonts that work well with the Product Builder and the print-ready export.

FontExampleProduct BuilderPrint-Ready Export
Josefin SansJosefin Sans PBJosefin Sans PRE
KodchasanKodchasan PBKodchasan PRE
LatoLato PBLato PRE
MaliMali PBMali PRE
MontserratMontserrat PBMontserrat PRE
PoppinsPoppins PBPoppins PRE
RobotoRoboto PBRoboto PRE
Roboto MonoRoboto PBRoboto Mono PRE
UbuntuUbuntu PBUbuntu PRE