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Rafael D
Rafael D Admin

We just launched our new pro export method which is using node canvas to export the order as print-ready file. For a comprehensive comparison between the previous export method and this latest update, please refer to:

If you have any issue or want to share your feedback, please send us a ticket or post it in this thread.

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Olivia posted 2 days ago

@Rafael D
Could you please help ?
My PRO export is inactive and i can't keep on working easily ...

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Olivia posted 14 days ago

Hi, my Pro Export doesn't work anymore and i'm stucked with 4.7.9 due to SVG Mask problem since V6, i can't update at this time and really need to receive the files by mail. My latest files exportd contain this message :

Due to unauthorized use of our old Pro Export service, we will be discontinuing its server support at the end of June. We encourage you to upgrade to our new Genius service for enhanced features. If upgrading to Genius is not possible at this time, please reach out to our support team for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

How can i continue to work until you access my request ? 

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