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Uploadzone not working

 Hello @all,

I dont know if its possible to solve this using the right settings but everythim when I upload an image to the uploadzone and want to see it as PDF the place where the uploadzones are white. You cant see the uploaded photos in the upload zones?

Best Regards


no solution?

I do often also get the message that the cart is currently empty after using the FPD, adding the product to the cart.


You got a link David to your fancy product. is it just PDF's that's not working you tried uploading other image formats?

 if you want to see it as PDF or download the product image. The place where the uploadzones are, they stay empty. 

If you upload normal images without using the uploadzones, the images are shown.


you haven't got any of the replace options set? Personally I don't use the upload zones as it doesn't give the customer full control over design. The structure I use is:

Background_Layer (with text merged onto the actual image, not editable saying "Add your photo & text here, click to define background colour." ) - set to 1 hex colour #000000 in colours so customer can define custom background colour if they should wish to just have a quote of text. As some customers only like text, no photos so they can define the background colour and add a text layer as an extra or a photo if they should wish, again giving customers full control.

Print_Layer - cutout with transparency area, basically how I want it to print for production, (png file) - Set to stay at top layer

Top_Layer - basically how the finished product will look. For example, phonecase- I will show the outter edges of the phonecase and camera lens etc & transparency area in the middle for seeing what the customer designed. again I set this layer to the TOP so it always remains at the top.

I think this setup works best for me. It would be interesting to start a top on peoples layering structures to see how others do it.

thanks I know how to work with layers, but why are the uploadzones not working?

 Not sure mate, you'll have to ask developer, also setup an admin account for him to have a look himself, http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/tickets

By the way I wasn't being cheeky saying you didn't understand layers. I was merely offering an alternative solution saying you don't need to use an uploadzone. Your customers can add a photo if they should wish to regardless of whether theres an uploadzone or not, just make the layers you want to remain to the top set to stay top then when the customer add's a photo it will remain where the upload zone is anyways. Sorry if I offended you.
no its fine :)...my english is not that good and maybe I also didnt understand how to use the layers corect. Enclosed is the shape image I use. If I use uploadzones I get the clipping working and the uploaded images are on the right places.


So you got it working David? if not try using the boundary box for your upload zones so they don't bleed into the other sections of the design (i.e another circle). I presume your wanting to allow your customer to choose a different photo for each of the circles etc. Regards,


yes thats what we want. But how do I do that with boundary box?


It looks to be that the upload zones carry the boundary features by default to its original size, its only when you enable scaling does it alter its boundary, try disabling that option for the layer. The problem is the person would need to upload square photos to match the shape near enough so lots of cropping doesn't occur as there doesn't seem to be any boundary options you can change. I would definitely report this as a featured Request "Boundary options for Upload Zones" The image I was testing for Upload_zone is:

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