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Google Font Family adds extras

When I include a google font (in this instance "Indie Flower") it adds 2 instances of the font in the selection box. The "Indie Flower" one works & the other one ("Indie+Flower:regular") does not...

fonts.PNG fonts.PNG
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Answer I think it's the same font just a glitch or a inactive link don't worry about it though. Those fonts are hosted by Google. I have had issues in the past with Google fonts not loading, due to google font links not responding. So I don't use the preselected fonts. I would recommend installing your own fonts on your server inside the plugin's folder so your not relying on the links working. http://www.dafont.com Have some great free fonts. In order for them to work you need to convert them to woff files. To do this download the desired font and extract it to working folder, go to this website: http://www.font2web.com and select it & convert it and upload the converted file to your plugin folder. Then choose the custom fonts you uploaded to your server in FPD settings/fonts.

I am seeing this issue as well with all the google fonts I selected from the list - i get a list that has the google font, and then a duplicate of that font's title underneath but with the + where spaces would be and it's invalid. So since I picked several google fonts, now my list is littered with extra erroneous options! Not good!

Hi all,
Please help me add fonts fancy product design.

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