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What theme is recommended to use with FPD ?


I'm using a free theme named Virtue Theme.

I installed the plugin and the Fancy Product Designer doesn't open on any page.

So, I have a feeling that the problem is the theme, or not?

And if it's not the theme, what should I do ?

What premium theme would recommended?

Any suggestion?


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I am using the X theme, but we are going to create an own theme with special features for FPD in the next months.

Hello, please note German Market Plugin (if possible) for the new theme.


Hi Rafael,

I know you said you won't fix the issue with the hooks but since you have the X theme, and I just bought it because I thought it would be OK!
I have to admit it has issues with the missing hooks... can you please give me tips on how i can fix the hooks????



Here the message... I would greatly appricate any and all help!!


I am using Virtrue (premium) and FPD works well except I recently submitted a ticket regarding an issue I'm having with browsing through the Design Categories. 





Hi Diana Schmitt, I had the same issue and nobody could help me.

I use the canvas Theme in combination with German Market.

The error message is total bullshit. I looked up every single hook in the template and they are all in the right place. (The error comes with the official storefront template too).

At first I couldnt get this message away (couldt close the window and with debug mode diabled the product designer didnt show up at all)

The Problem was: I set Fonts in the fancy settings. When I leave all the Font options blank everything works fine. But for the future I need a fix for that too, no idea why the plugin doesnt accept any font. 

the problem here that I accidentally translate the string wrong to german. Actually it should be "Hook wurde gefunden". The green is also showing that everything is fine. I will fix this.

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