Conditional SVG Mask Application

Posted 17 days ago by Olivia

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Currently, the plugin automatically applies a mask to all loaded SVGs. I would like to propose a more flexible approach with a Backend Toggle Option:

Implement a toggle checkbox in the backend interface that allows users to specify whether an imported SVG should be treated as a mask or not.

Proposed Implementation:

  • Add a new boolean field in the backend, e.g., applyAsMask, associated with each SVG upload.
  • Modify the setMask function (or equivalent) to check this new field
  • Update the backend interface to include a checkbox  "Apply as Mask" when uploading or editing SVG files.

Benefits :

  • Greater control over SVG behavior
  • Improved flexibility for different design scenarios
  • Enhanced user experience for both designers and end-users

I believe this feature would significantly improve the plugin's versatility and meet the needs of many users who require more control over SVG handling.


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Alina posted 9 days ago

I also need this feature

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V.I. posted 12 days ago

I support Olivia's idea. There should be an option that allows us to decide whether or not an svg should behave as a mask. As it is now, the client cannot replace an svg with another from the designs because it behaves like a mask.

P.S. The button to exclude from import does not work. It remains active after reloading the page.

I made a video in which I reproduced these two problems on the demo site:

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