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What does the LOAD button do / what is it for?

When you click the three dots on the top left corner - it shows options to Download Image, Print, Save etc. What is the LOAD button for? It just pops up with an empty box on all the examples and I have no idea what it is actually for. I don't see anything in the documentation for it either. 

On a side note, when you click Save, where does it go? There is no success message or anything when you save so I am not sure if it is saving and, how to find it later on. 


Answer Hello Jessie,

you can save the changes you do with the fancyproductdesigner.. If you click on the load button you can load the design you want.

Best Regards


how do they access their saved designs other than in the designer? Is there a way?

This is not an answer. I just tested saving a design and logging in in another computer an there was nothing to load. Not on the same product page nor on the my account panel. So, the design is only saved on that computer/smartphone/pad you work on during the time your cookies exist - so it seems like...

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