Text Stroke Improvements - Especially For Embroidery Customers

Posted 8 days ago by Luke Breen

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Luke Breen

The Problems

1. There doesn't currently seem to be a way to charge an additional fee for adding a Text Stroke. 

2. If a stroke is applied, the only way for a customer to remove the stroke is to set the "Stroke Width" to "0". In our case (for Embroidery) we would like to define a set stroke "Width" (say 2px) then have an option that is either "Apply Stroke" which then gives the customer the extra colour options, or "Remove Stroke".

The Soloutions - 

1. Add a "Stroke" option to the "Property" dropdown in the "Pricing Addon" to allow us to define a price when the customer adds a "Stroke" to any text.

2. Improve the UI to add a "Text Stroke On/Off Button" which also defines whether the "Stroke Colours" are available for selection.

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