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Share how you are using Fancy Product Designer in your website

Hello community,

show your usage of Fancy Product Designer in your website to other users. There are many users who want to see real usage of Fancy Product Designer....so here you can share the link to your website and maybe make some extra sales ;)

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We have implemented product designer on most of our products Photo Land 

We also added 3D Mug rotation https://www.photoland.in/personalized-photo-gift/photo-mugs/personalized-mug/anniversary-mug-style-6/

Still few things to complete. Any suggestions are welcome.

Annamalai Veerappan, that is fantastic!!!

I would love to see a similar feature for business cards, etc. in a future update. Thanks for sharing!

Annamalai Veerappan. That is good job.

What plugin you use for 3D view? 

Did you sell all product mockup?


For 3D view i wrote custom code using threejs and you have create the 3D object of the product you want to use.

Annamalai Veerappan. Im not coder. Im end user. Can you give me your email or contact me: tb.manhten@gmail.com

I want deal with you about 3D plugin and some product mockup.


We use the FPD to make pinback buttons. Love the plugin, but still need some more features. https://www.dailybuttons.de

Annamalai Veerappan - Your set up look the best. I like the UX of the designing process. Looks like you have spent a lot of time and effort in making the website with all the contents. So many SKU's !

Wishing you the best of luck!

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