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Customisable Bundles

We would appreciate the ability to add multiple customised products to the basket at once. 

Our use case is we have 10 posters with an upload zone. We have a Bundle that loads in those 10 posters/products and in the designer the image is uploaded once and applies across all products in the bundle, as desired. However when the bundle is added to the basket, only the selected product/poster is added to the basket where ideally ALL 10 products (with the uploaded image) would be added to the basket. 

Ideally they would be added as separate line items, though as one 'Bundle' product would also suffice. 

We have tried implementing a product of 10 different views which should achieve the desired end result, however seemingly we cannot utilise multiple views with the use of a linked template therefore this is also currently unworkable. 


To confirm this is using the WordPress plugin with WooCommerce. 

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