Plus Add-On: Color Buttons Bug

Posted over 1 year ago by Marcel Franke

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Marcel Franke
Marcel Franke

Hi FPD-Team and community,

I'd like to request a "feature" or improvement for the plus add-on.

#1 When you lock one or several elements, so that they are not directly clickable by the user, then, after changing their colors via the Plus color buttons, they become clickable (after clicking once again anywhere).

#2 If you click directly on an element and you change its color, then all color linked elements will change as well. Unfortunately, the Plus color button for that specific element doesn't change. --> This can lead to the fact that Element A is blue (through click on the element) and the Plus color button A is red (confusing for the user and the seller).

Therefore, here are the requests:
#1 If an element is locked, keep it locked after changing the color via a Plus color button.

#2 If the elements aren't locked and the user changes an element that is the element of the Plus color selection (="Plus color button") or one of its color linked elements, then also change the Plus color button. 

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards


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