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Feature Request

We are working on a site to build customized baseball bats.  We have explored every inch of this plugin and there's one feature that would be really great to have.

1) I would like to be able to have the content in different tabs of mspc be available to post to wordpress pages as shortcodes.  This would be great because it will allow us to display all custom features for the customer to pick all on one page without the need for tabs.  It would really help to have a one page layout without tabs to have the look of other competitors sites.

2) It would also be great to have different layers in the builder with preference to not be shown in the cart.  So if we assign a universal color value to different facets of the designs, and only one of those layers is customizable for the customer, we would only want that layer visible in the cart.  Currently... any layer in the builder is a layer in the cart.  It can cause confusion for the customer and this improvement would clean up our cart page without going to JavaScript and CSS to make those edits.

3) It will be great as well to have better social sharing settings.  Set image size and dpi for mobile sharing to a wider range of networks.(instagram).

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