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Subcategories are not available when limiting desings to certain category

I'm trying to limit designs for a Upload zone to certain category which is a sub category but that is not possible. 

I tried based on this guide: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/5000587410-define-specific-design-categories-per-product-or-product-view

The problem is that the "Design Categories" option only shows top level categories. 

I have categories like this for example:

- Icons

  - Animals

     - Dogs

     - Cats

  - Cars

  - Sports

- Backgrounds

  - Abstract

  - Nature

  - Sports

And when setting the "Design Categories" option, only Icons and Backgrounds can be selected. But obviously there is no use for that. I'd like to be possible to set icons about "Dogs" for example to certain upload zone, so I'd need to select a subcategory.

Is this a missing feature or a bug?

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