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Add Product Design Without Creating New Product

 Hi, I am looking for all ways to create pre customized Products.

The way I know is to create a copy of a Product (t-shirt X) that i whant to edit in FPD, add an image (bird) to that product, create a product in woocommerce and add the FPD Product to it. So when i would do this and copy 100 times the (t-shirt X) Product, and then have a change to that product i would have to change 100x those copys of the (t-shirt X) Product (in FPD)  just if i whant to add a color, or add another layer or something else....

So what I am looking for is the available option in FPD (Save Design), save that customized product (t-shirt X now with bird) as a Link (or something else) and connect that to an woocommerce Product so my customers can open that Saved Design which I have edited.

Hope the discription is comprehensive :)

kind regards, Weber

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