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Presales questions please

Hi all (admins?),

We are very interested in this software, and it seems good to use for what we need.

Maybe someone can help answer some resales questions for me?

  1. We currently have access to WooCommerce Designer Pro which uses PHP ImageMagick Extension to allow work in CMYK, is CMYK planed for the future?
  2. As we run more than one site, are there multi-site licenses available?
  3. Does the PDF export work properly - accurate size and resolution, bleeds, crops, etc? We are aiming to go straight from the website output into the layup and cutting - is this realistic for this plugin?
  4. Previews: is there away to preview without the bleed and guides - so that the customer can get an accurate view of what they are making?

I think that's it for now. I appreciate the help. :)


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