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So our website is on wordpress so we would ideally like to be able to integrate it to that. But would not mind making a separate custom built page...

The main problem we are having right now is that our pricing has a lot of variables, with sizing being the largest variable. We do not run simple Small, Medium, Large, but instead have completely customized sizing by length and width, and our pricing depends on the average of those two measurements, the range for each measurement is from 1 to 16 inches. Finding an option that can accommodate that is turning out to be quite difficult. 

And we then have a second major variable in quantity, with the price per piece dropping at several discrete quantities.

Aside from that we need an option to upload graphics - Independant of pricing

And choose from a series of add ons which do affect pricing... But those are limited and so has not turned out to be difficult, stuff like border type or fabric type. 

The products we are selling our custom patches, keychains and lapel pins... Here is a link to our Instagram page to get a better look at the type of work we do 


Let me know if there's any more information I can give to you


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