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Creating an account when already designing

I want user designs to be saved in their account. I know it is possible and how to set it up. The problem is: when a user is designing and wants to save his/her design and has not yet created an account, the design is lost when you try to create one.

So: is it possible to create an account when you are already designing a product?

Or should I force/warn users to create an account if they want to save their design to edit it further, later.

I'm using the product designer in an overlay screen, so the user must leave the designer before being able to create the account.

The use case being: user might quickly design something on their phone, but wants to save it, to later edit or design it on a computer, for bigger screen.

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Hello Steven,

This is one of the things everyone wants.

This isn't already possible?? 

I can see many getting frustrated with this scenario...I wonder if this was requested as a feature request?

I don't have tried, but you could insert a link to login page opening in an new tab. So the customer can create the account without to leave the product page... But i don't know, if this works...

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