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Can I fill a layer with color and / or an image (special color, pattern as a jpg)?

Hey radykal and fpd community,

I can't find the "perfect" plugin for us, so I urgently need a solution or customazation of the fpd, or also this is useless for out interest. Our goal: A part of the product (png layer) has to be filled, selectable from colors, special colors (gold with glitter as jpg) or pattern. As long as it's hex color codes, it is not a problem of course, but how do I get these special colors and patterns as jpg in the selection?

Have I just not found the setting or does someone have a solution for me?
Thanks in advance, Mel

yes, search for patterns into the search box that you will find a way to apply patterns to a object or layer =)

tutorial video required, very difficult for users

Thanks for the "pattern upload" info!

I got a link:https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/5000593321-adding-patterns-for-text-svg, but ... text-filler-pattern are now available in every product and not selectable together with hex colors ... or I'm really just too stupid :(

I will ask the radykal team for further help.

A simple square svg adds pattern inside the box, everything is fine.

When you select the pattern, the add to cart button does not work.

je veux de l'aide

same pattern text also works

When I apply it to the svg field, it does not throw into the not added to cart

Could this be a problem?


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