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New reactive Backend UI in 4.1

We decided to implement the same UI into WordPress as we are using in our ADMIN solution. So with V4.1 you can easily enable the new UI for Products, Product Builder, UI Composer and Designs.

This will become the standard for the next version, so please test the new UI and share any bug in this topic.

If you want to disable it because of a bug, you can easily do that in FPD Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting. 

 Couple of bugs on new back end.

1. Within FireFox, the number text within the canvas edit area is hard to see (see attached image).

2. The layers are not working as you would expect. In image 1 attached (fpd-bug-1) which shows the canvas area, you can see that the 'thank-you' image layer is behind the main photo layer (photo1) and yet can be seen on top of the photo while in image 2 (fpd-bug2) which is the same canvas area, if you move this element to what should be above the main photo (photo1) is cannot be seen, as if it is behind the layer names Photo 1. It does not do this in the older and current UI?

Massive bugs. Won't save changes in the product builder settings. I need my upload zones to only show certain categories and it will not hold true. It will also not save the specific product builder settings when I try to tell it what design categories to have. It's just stuck on showing the same category no matter what I do. I even deleted the Upload zone and created a new one named differently. The old version had the same problem in the upload zone only where it would show nothing on the front end but on the backend, it would hold its properties.

Here is a video outlining this massive BUG.

UI Bug Design Category issue


1, 2. Will be fixed in next update.

@Hope Taylor

We do not have the issue on our end, please create a ticket with your WP login credentials.

UI Composer not accessible when new ui is active

@ Rhiannon Will be fixed in the next update which is coming this week.

Also a question about the auto calculation of canvas size in View Options.... A4 paper size converts to 424x600 - shouldn't that be 595x824?

Latest version throws error when adding new fpd products, on add of text or image - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'deselectElement' of undefined in product-builder.js

@Rhiannon Could you please create a ticket with your WP and FTP login, because we do not have this issue.

My all images are gone! because of the error :

The image with the URL
can not be loaded into the canvas.


The URL is not correct!The image has been blocked by CORS policy. You need to host the image under the same protocol and domain or enable 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' on the server where you host the image.

and also search product doesn't work on admin panel


This image is stored under http but your site is running in https. You can use the "Reset Image Sources" tool in status & tools page.

4.1.2 - category options colour palette not saving

@Rhiannon Thanks. I add it to the fix list.

My orders no longer load after the update to 4.1.2.


@Anna Please open a ticket with your WP login.

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