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How To Customized You Phone Covers And T shirts At Home.

Selling Custom Products are Very Easy Right Now,  You Just Have To Keep Few Materials of Sublimation Printing And A Heat Press Machine. After That, You Have To Buy Colour printer Of Epson, Blank Phone Cases of All Models Of Phone Along With A4 Size Transfer Paper, Teflon tape, A scissor and heat resistant gloves.

Now You Are Completely Ready To Print or Customized Your T-shirts And Many Other Things.

Fill your Sublimation Colours In You Epson Printer Ink Tank, Turn On Sublimation Machin And PreHeat to 190 degree Celsius till 8 minutes. Now Print Out Your Creative Design And Adjust it With back Covers. ( Use Teflon Tape) if your time is up.  then open up the Heat press Machine's and put you cover for 8 minutes. Now You Custom Printing Has Been Complete.


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