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Show/Hide Fancy Product Designer based on Variation selection

I have a product where there are three options - No label, match label, and customize label.  Ideally I want FPD to only appear when the user selects customize label.

First I tried only putting FPD on the "customize label" option, it appeared on the page even before the user selected 1,2, or 3.

So I created three views within FPD - then I realized that the views were not in sync with the user option selection.

Finally, I created three FPD products - two of which basically allow the user to do nothing and set each one to a variation option

The third option would work fine except that if I make it mandatory to edit the product before the add to cart button shows up; the first two options will not work (since there is no editing to be done).  Since I have it set now so ADD TO CART is always there  - now the user can leave the default text and add the item to the cart which is not ideal.

Has anyone else had a case where you do not want FPD to display for some variations and used another approach?  I am pretty sure this is not the ideal way to approach.

product I am referencing: https://engraveddominoes.com/product/double-9-aluminum-box/

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