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Is this the plugin for me?

Hello. I am building a shopping cart for my mom using WooCommerce. She designs and sells T-shirts, the catch is she only uses her design.

What we are looking for is a plugin that allows the customer to pick a Tshirt color (we do have stand alone images of blank tshirts in their base color) and then pick the design they want to put on the shirt (this could be in different colors). Few questions:

1. Based on the demo the customer can do a lot of other things. I only want them to be able to pick a tshirt color and design, thats it. I dont want them to be able to move the design, I just want the design to load over the shirt. Can we remove the other options (like moving the image, adding text, etc) from the designer so its only those two options?

2. Is there a way for the customer to be able to change the color of the design (and it loads an image that we would have to create, based on preset colors)...or do we have to upload the design in that color to the images tab for the customer to collect?

Thanks or any guidance! We are trying to find a solution and want to make sure it works before paying for it.

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