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FPD 3.7.5 Type and bounding box is cut-off

When trying to add default text using the product builder, the very last letter is cut off. Nothing seems to help.. I have tried changing font, making the font size small & larger, changing the bounding box size, scaling text up and down, etc.

You can see on the screenshot I posted, the bottom text has the selection handles around it, but it is are off as well as it should surround the entire line of text. And as a result the last letter is cut off. I have confirmed it is the same on the front end and also exports this way to the final PDF.  

We cannot use this in a live production website until this is corrected unless you know a way to work around this.

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We are experiencing  this same  issue.  Looking for assistance on  this as well. 

Please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at your issue.

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