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Change Multiple Layers in FPD

Not sure whether this comes under MPC or FPD really.

Basically we have various clothing products that I'd like to give customers the option to change the collar on (round neck, polo, various rugby jersey collars etc.). The problem is part of the drawing means the garment has to have an outline to show sleeves, collar edges etc. This is currently achieved via a top unchangeable layer, but when you change the collar from say a round-neck to a polo you also need the outline to change.

I can't include the outline in the collar layer as I need it to be able to change colour, so I'd like to be able to switch both the collar layer and the outline layer when someone clicks on a different collar in MPC.

Has anyone achieved something similar?


There is currently no way of using MPC to replace multiple layers with one click. You could head on over to the feature request forum and create a new idea there.

At the moment you'd have to create separate products for each collar type, sorry.

No problem, I've managed to hack it in myself, little bit manual but it does at least work!

i am interested this implementation too. Do you complete this?

I am interested this implementation too. Do you complete this?

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