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Preselected option in configurator

Hi, congratulations for your plugin, it amazing!

I have one question, I'm trying to set a default option that will be preselected on the customizable products of my web, so that when a customer gets into that product, he or she can add the product to the cart without having to do any customization if they like the options that are already initially set.

Some products on my store have this already set, but others haven't. I don't know why some products have it and others dont, I havent set it and I don't know how to do it. 

Could you please give me some advice?

Here is a link to a product that has the options already preselected in my store:


And here is a link to a product that hasn't got the options already preselected:


Thank you very much.


I think I already answered this question in the support center for your. Anyway for everyone else:

That is done via the WooCommerce default variation:

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