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Product attributes : layers order conflict

Hi. Thanks for your awesome plugins.

But I've a displaying problem with layers order (Multistep Product Configurator+Fancy Product Designer). A layer by attribute, and some terms by attribute of course. For one term of a layer who is under another, I need to put it above. It works, but when user choose back another term of this layer, layer don't move under back... May be better with to understand with a front-end video screenshot  : 

I think I'm up to date with all my installation. Can you help me ? thanks!

My configutation :

Wordpress v4.5.2

Woocommerce v2.5.5

Multistep Product Configurator v1.0.8

Fancy Product Designer v3.1.0

Sorry, the screenshot doesn't seem to work. Maybe updating FPD to 3.1.1 helps? Not sure if it's already finished uploading, it should definitely be available soon.

Embed doesn't seems to work indeed. Here direct link : http://quick.as/7wajs4wdg

FPD 3.1.1 is not available for me right now...

FPD updated to 3.1.1, same problem... Someone can help ?

Sorry about the late reply. Have you tried the z-index setting in the options?


Yes, I checked. Z-positioning is good for my 2 different layers. Like this :

- Attribute#1 term1 (z-position : 0)

- Attribute#1 term2 (z-position : 0)

- Attribute#1 term3 (z-position : 0)


- Attribute#2 term1 (z-position : -1)

- Attribute#2 term2 (z-position : -1)

- Attribute#2 term3 (z-position : 1)

- Attribute#2 term1 (z-position : -1)


As I said, it works when Attribute#2 term3 is selected (displaying over Attribute#1) but after that, when others terms of Attribute#2 are selected, don't display behind Attribute#1 back...

Could you open a ticket so that we can take a look at it from there (as we might need some login credentials etc.)


Thanks for suggestion. So, done : ticket link.

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