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- New option „hideDialogOnAdd“: That hides the off-canvas panel or dialog as soon as the user adds a custom element

- New option to set the toolbar placement: dynamic, inside-top or inside-bottom

- Off-canvas as new layout option for top-bar via css classes: fps-off-canvas-left, fps-off-canvas-right

- Improved snap action, now you can set a a custom grid http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/discussions/topics/5000059111#

- Updated to fabricjs 1.6.1

Bugs fixed

- Hitting backspace in a number input when editing a text element deleted it

- Clicking on stage off canvas menu closes the off canvas in certain situations

- When upload zone is selected and open a dialog to add something from there, it was into the upload zone

- Price handling not working correctly with upload zones

- Upload zones with an opacity were not clickable

- Panning for zoom action not working well with large stages

- Auto-Select issue with text elements

- Auto-Colorpicker for every path for custom uploaded svg images

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