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rady kal
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  • Added own classes for every modification input element in the dialog box
  • Remove icon for saved products
  • Up/down layer buttons in the dialog box
  • Option to set the dialog box position: dynamic (default), left or right
  • Copy elements via new control icon


  • Bounding Box Clipping not working with left/top origin
  • Clipping is now automatically enabled for all upload zones

Bugs fixed

  • Clipping did not working correctly in sub views
  • Text can not be changed via textarea in Firefox
  • When the elements of a product with multiple views are loaded into the designer and elements have the same replace value in different views, the element in the first view is removed
  • Clipping not correct calculated when calling some methods
  • Some issues when reseting an element

Updated files

  • jquery.fancyProductDesigner.js, jquery.fancyProductDesigner.min.js
  • templates/productdesigner.php
  • css/icon-font.css, css/fonts
  • css/jquery.fancyProductDesigner{.min}.css

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