Please Add magnify glass tool back into actions

Posted 10 days ago by Karl

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Hello I love fancy product builder, but am hoping you can add back in the magnify glass tool back into the actions panel as it is needed for my existing website.

The zoom tool only enlarges the centre area, and doesn't allow the user to view the rest of the left and right side of the zoomed image

Fingers crossed for this to be added back in please.

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Karl posted 3 days ago

OK. totally understand - however at the moment the zoom tool only enlarges the centre of the image, not allowing us to view the top right bottom and left of the rest of the image. How can we allow customers to magnify these areas?

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rady kal

rady kal posted 7 days ago Admin

The magnify glass plugin that we were using did not work on mobile and was built with jquery. We removed jquery from the code base and could not find any other proper solution in pure js.

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