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Posted about 2 months ago by Turquess

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Hi, many users upload images to designer but does not complete the order, so to folder fancy_products_uploads is added many GB of images every month and many of them is unusable, because design is not ordered.

It would be great to add a feature that deletes all images that are not in orders older than X days.

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V.I. posted 15 days ago

@Rady Kal Do we understand that this is impossible to implement? Or do you not see it as useful? Why is this feature not implemented?

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Mario posted 18 days ago

Can't implement an option to delete old images? Almost all image upload plugins have this option in the settings.

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Markus Dangl posted about 1 month ago

I agree. With a cron job you can delete old files. But the cron job does not know which uploads are used for orders.

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Turquess posted about 1 month ago

How I can do it? I don't found any feature in this plugin. On my server is takem around 49GB and 48GB of them is only one folder (wp-content/uploads/fancy_products_uploads) I delete manually old years and months due space almost every 2 months. But when some customer want print again olded order, I can't becasue this data is deleted. I need delete only unused uploaded files, which is not associated to any completed order and older for example than 30 days.

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rady kal

rady kal posted about 1 month ago Admin

You can do that with Cron Jobs either on your server backend (ask your provider) or via WP plugin.

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