Patterns - Tooltips and/or Pattern Names to display on hover

Posted 8 days ago by Luke Breen

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Luke Breen

The Problem - If you have a selection of "Colours" and "Patterns" available to chose from on an SVG element, currently all the "Colours" have a "Tool Tip" that displays the "Colour Name" on hover, which is defined within the plugin settings (Settings > Colors > Color Names). This works great for the "Colours", however, for the  "Patterns" there is currently no "Tool Tip" or ability to add a "Pattern Name" anywhere in the settings.

The Soloutions

1. A simple solution would be to display the "File Name" as a "Tool Tip" for the Patterns.

2. Or alternatively, adding advanced controls for the patterns within the plugin settings to allow us to manage them more like the "Colours" would also be a great improvement to the Fancy Product Designer.

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