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Posted 10 months ago by Chris

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Hello Guys,

I am currently looking to migrate my current product design tool to FPD and am finding it really hard to see how you can scale with such a tedious export process?

I have my own custom built print managment system and orders can be combined into a pdf format ready for printing. 

Here are a few tips that I know would improve FPD. (8 years experience running print on demand services using several online design tools)

1. Combine orders ready for printing (exporting one by one is time consuming and slows down production)

2. Advanced PDF settings. 

Page settings


Order configuration (should be able to control the amount of orders displayed per PDF/page)

3. Be able to add the specific attributes relating to your printed designs so you can locate orders with ease if needed to be adjusted/modified (order number/product titile/order notes

4.Manage orders from a single place and display order details/order design etc

5. All of the features above would make a great addon for the FPD

If you need any help, I can send you a demo or give you a walk-through of my custom built PMS. You may get some great ideas or find it easier to understand than me explaining the features stated above.

Currently I'm building my next sites in WP and woocomm, hence why I cannot implement my custom built PMS. 

Would love to see these features come to light as an addon for FPD

Let me know what you guys think

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