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Photo Classification

We are trying to provide our customers with three services:
1. Embroidery

2. Screen Print
3. DTG

It would be helpful to allow the customer to define which of these three services they want when adding either text or a photo. 

The process would like this:
1. Client clicks "add image"
2. Client is given the choice between "add embroidery", "add screen printing" as a pop up
3. Client selects one of the options
4. Price changes in accordance with the selection

I'm not sure if there is currently a work around for this. I have had a look around the forums and can't seem to find anything. It seems like a pretty fundamental feature for those that offer more than one printing service. The only current work around is using variable products but some customers might have one piece of text that they want embroidered and another logo that they want printed so that doesn't work massively well.

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