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Posted 11 months ago by Danny Ashmore

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Danny Ashmore

Hi, I was looking for a way to remove the 'upload zone' image from the export if an image was not uploaded and happen to come across the below article asking for the same feature, but it seems no request was made at the time. 


The user can currently remove the upload zone before purchasing the design, however I suspect many will not as they would just expect it to not be displayed, in which case my Admins currently have to go in and change the original design. 


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April posted 3 months ago

In the product builder, you should be able to exclude it from the export. If the user uploads a photo (to the upload zone), it will be included in the export. If they do not upload a photo (to the upload zone), it will be excluded. Hope that helps.  

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Danny Ashmore posted 8 months ago

Thanks for your support Demi. I am yet to figure out a solution, if you come across one could you please keep me updated? 

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Demi de Rover posted 8 months ago

Very sad to see this feature request is rejected... I have the same problem. 

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