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"Print-Ready Export" is not working


I'm beginner, but thank you.

"Print-Ready Export" is not working for a few days.

The warning "Remote file could not be created. Please try again!" is displayed.

Or, the export never ends. I can't export any PDF, PNG and JPG.

It seems that the Plugin and Server are not working.

What should I do? 

"Basic Export" and "Single Element" are working.

Please check.

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Thank you for updating the plugin.
But unfortunately there is no change.
I'm still getting errors.
Please improve it, please.

Please fix, keeps loading and nothing happens. 

I just purchased and installed the Pro Export addon for a client and am receiving the same issue with the Print Ready file.


I have also an internal server error and cannot Export anything for download from Backend. Did someone found a solution for that issue?

Hi, same problem now here. 

I'm using the latest version 1.3.1 for Export Pro and 4.7.7 for FPD. 

In the backend i'm receiving error 500 in the admin-ajax.php script (after loading 2min Creating file..). Is the remote server down?

Is it possible to process the export on my own server? My client can't handle any orders right now..

Can anyone confirm that Pro Export is working?  I need to buy the plug in but don't want to if it isn't being supported.  Thanks

Hi, It's working ;-) There are some small bugs, but its working. I'm using it every day. There were problem becase there were update of Export Pro and it stop working until you update to newest version FPD plugin too.

It does not work for all orders.

it doesn't work for some products. Until a few days ago it was ok. it hasn't been working well for a few days. he is extremely frustrated

In our case, letters are simply left out.

As a PDF, everything is normal. When I put it into COrel Draw, letters are always missing.

the plugin only has errors. Usually no download is possible (server error). Or no text is displayed again. The Pro Export plugin is just bad, I wish I could give it back

Try a clean installation of wordpress and newest version of FPD plugin and Export Pro. In my case some errors was caused by another installed plugin... Some errors I have when I have the newest version of FPD but no of Export Pro. Maybe there can be problem....

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